Secure Email

We all have a responsibility to protect confidential information. Chase requires that any time we communicate via email and include confidential information we use a secure, encrypted method. Chase's secure email (Enforced TLS or iSentry) is available for all Chase Correspondents to email confidential information between trusted parties.


Chase group email boxes do not accept secure emails from third party vendors or encryption service providers, other than Chase approved Enforced TLS or iSentry accounts. Secure emails sent to Chase group email boxes, using vendors or providers other than Enforced TLS or Chase iSentry, may not reach the intended recipient.

Individual contacts at Chase may accept emails from third party vendors, please contact the individual prior to sending to confirm acceptance.

Transport Layer Security (TLS) is a secure way to email Chase without using a Secure Email vendor, by automatically encrypting all content, except the Subject Line. Both the sender and recipient can send emails normally and avoid logging in to a separate system.

Correspondents that are not already set up with Enforced TLS, should follow the process below:

Step 1


Email Correspondent Application Support and include the following:

  • Subject Line: Enforced TLS
  • Correspondent company name, contact name, email address and phone number
  • Email domain (for example, for, is the domain)

Step 2

Chase Application Support

Reach out to the designated Correspondent contact to confirm details of the request.

Step 3

Chase Application Support

Notify the Correspondent when the process is complete.

Note: Set-up requires approximately one week from receipt of request

Signing up for Chase Secure Email (iSentry)

Step 2

Click on the New User? link on the log in screen

Step 3

Complete the new user sign up screen

Note: Enter in the Chase Employee Email Address field

Step 4

Select Save at the top of the sign up screen - you will receive an email from Chase indicating you have been approved for secure email within 48 business hours

Step 5

Upon receipt of approval, click the link provided in the email, complete the registration process and click Save (you will be prompted to create a 6+ character password)


Secure Email recipients must already have access to Chase Secure Email in order to receive an email. If they do not have access, a message will appear when sending the email stating they are an unauthorized user. Please notify the intended recipient through regular email if unable to send Secure Email.

For technical support, contact iSentry Customer Service at 1-800-552-9405, or


Most of the email addresses that you use with Chase today are also available via your Secure Email account. Listed below are some of the most commonly used secure email addresses at Chase.

Imaged Delivery Onboarding

Note: Only use this address for inquiries related to indexed images or delivery through a vendor or FTP. It is preferred that documents be delivered using ChaseLoanManager Imaged Delivery functionality.

Individual Contacts

If you commonly email a specific individual at Chase with borrower personal information, ask them if they are set-up for Secure Email. If so, you may use their email address to send secure messages.

Research Department

  • ChaseB2B
  • 1-877-ASK-CHASE