AOT / Direct Trade / Dynamic Pricing

In today's market, we need to actively explore every opportunity to minimize costs and maximize profits. As a Chase Mandatory Desk customer, you retain the control and flexibility to direct your production and increase your returns.

Experience the added value offered by the Chase Mandatory Desk Team

Chase Mandatory Desk Team

The Mandatory Desk Team at Chase offers the experience and resources to help you accomplish your goals and objectives.

  • Dynamic Pricing Bulk Bid Program
  • Live TBA pricing online
  • Ability to create DTs online
  • Commit Dynamic priced loans online
  • Ability to assign AOTs
  • Ability to upload AOT documents online
  • Strong relationship management
  • Real-time pipeline management capabilities
  • Flexible delivery schedules

Additional training is available in the ChaseLoanManager Resource Center > Topics > ChaseLoanManager > Mandatory. For questions, contact:

Mandatory Trade Desk

Program Terms

AOT/Direct Trade

Dynamic Pricing Bulk Bid Program

Eligible products

Agency fixed-rate and FHA, VA loans per Chase guidelines

Agency fixed-rate and FHA, VA loans per Chase guidelines

Eligible rates

Eligible rates are posted on the daily Mandatory Adjuster Grid (MAG)

Pricing reflected in bid offer available in ChaseLoanManager or via email

Minimum trade amounts

DT - No minimum commitment amount

AOT - Minimum trade amounts

  • - $500,000 FNMA, FHLMC & GNMA-I
  • - $250,000 GNMA-II
  • - Increments: $1,000 above minimum allowed

No minimum trade amount

Mandatory commitment limit

Commitment limits are established at time of approval and are reviewed quarterly

Limits are rolling based on file delivery rather than funding

Commitment limits are established at time of approval and are reviewed quarterly

Commitment limits are calculated based on file delivery


5 delivery dates per pool month with delivery period price adjusters

Delivery period adjusters are posted daily on the MAG

3, 7 or 15 days

Delivery tolerance

+/- 2.00%

Not applicable

Commitment Management

AOT/Direct Trade

Dynamic Pricing Bulk Bid Program

Commitment rolls

Maximum of 2 rolls allowed

Roll costs are at current market price

Not applicable


Available up to a maximum of 20% of the original commitment amount

Not applicable


Available between eligible products, terms and security rates

Pricing is based on worst-case spread between the security prices from the time of original commitment or current market

Not applicable


AOT/Direct Trade

Dynamic Pricing Bulk Bid Program

Fees and adjusters

Apply to loans as stated in the Chase Online Guide and on the MAG

Included in loan level bid price

LMI Incentive

Not available

Included in loan level bid price

Low balance specified payups

Specified payups off ered for Agency 15 and 30 year (FNMA & FHLMC) and GNMA II 30 year

Included in loan level bid price

Service-Release Premium

Service-Release Premium schedule for AOT/DT loans is the same schedule as Best Efforts

Included in loan level bid price

Loan delivery cure-by-fee

Standard cure-by policy applies

Suspense cure-by fee calculated on a per diem basis

Pair offs

Based on current market security price vs. original security price

We don't charge an administrative fee

We may waive amounts less than or equal to $150 for Correspondents in good standing

Based on market movement on an individual loan basis with no delivery tolerance, reflects MBS and non-MBS price components

Price caps

Agency fixed-rate-base price cap 107.00

Government fixed-rate-base price cap 108.00

Not applicable

Best Efforts

As a Chase-approved customer we offer a variety of pricing options designed to meet your company's needs.

Our Best Efforts program is one of those options.

Program Highlights:

  • Single loan commitment and pricing
  • Loans underwritten to Chase guidelines
  • Loans are registered and locked online through ChaseLoanManager
  • Pipeline reporting available on ChaseLoanManager
  • Customer specific rate sheet pricing
  • Rate sheet pricing does not include SRP
  • 15, 30, 45, 60, 75, and 90 day lock terms available
  • Long-term locks of 120, 150, and 180 days available
  • May extend or relock a maximum of two times
  • Lock Limits
    • $10 million per pricecode (resets with each reprice)
    • $3 million overnight (from 5 p.m. local time to 7:59 a.m. ET)

Any pricing questions may be directed to the Registration Help Desk at (800) 305-5625.

  • ChaseB2B
  • 1-877-ASK-CHASE