Michelle Ventimiglia
Michelle Ventimiglia

Michelle Ventimiglia

Account Executive

When did you join Chase? I joined Chase in 1998.

What is your career background? Financial Services primarily Mortgage and Commercial Card.

Any interesting facts about yourself? I enjoy traveling and the next new adventure on my bucket list this year is a trip to Havana Cuba.

What you enjoy most about working at Chase? I like the ever so changing environment at Chase and its innovation. When people hear of change, I think its human nature to resist or fall back to the mindset of "fear of the unknown". Instead, I look at change as positive, because it allows us to grow and learn by taking on new challenges, meet new people, share different perspectives and to work for one the best banks in the world. It makes us challenge ourselves. Being complacent and not taking on new challenges is something I don't experience at Chase which is why I like working here so much!


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