Duncan Vance
Duncan Vance

I think about my client relationships not only from a day to day perspective but for the long term. I measure success on making our relationship beneficial for them over the years."

Duncan Vance

Accounts Covered

Indiana, Michigan, Ohio

Duncan Vance

Account Executive

When did you join Chase? I joined Chase in 2005 as a Correspondent Account Executive.

What is your career background? I entered the mortgage business, as I think many do, by chance. I began on the servicing side of the business and was then hired as a Correspondent Account Executive, which is the role I've enjoyed most throughout my career.

Interesting facts about Duncan: I decided to go sky diving years ago, and climbing out the door of that small plane and letting go is one of the most vivid memories I'll ever have.

What do you enjoy most about working at Chase? I thoroughly enjoy the people I work with day to day. I can see their commitment to doing everything they can for our clients and that makes me feel really good about being part of the Chase team.


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